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Is Car Coating Worth The Price

The application of ceramic coating from auto detail los angeles service can also be considered as an investment. Because if the car has been coated with ceramic, of course, the color of the car will be more stable in the long term. This will be very useful when the car will be resold as a used car. The car will look like new, so the selling price will automatically be above the car whose paint looks dull because it doesn't have a ceramic coating. As long as the paint is not badly damaged by a collision or hard impact with other objects, the ceramic coating is permanent. Just one application for the lifetime of the car, then only routine maintenance is needed every 6 months, no need every month. Car paint is protected for longer and is more resistant to small scratches when washing the car or due to light scratches by other vehicles such as motorbikes on the road best vehicle detailing near me.

Car paint without ceramic has pores or cavities that easily absorb dust, dirt, or other particles. In a long time, the dirt will accumulate, making car paint dull, even easier to look dull because it accelerates the growth of mold. While a car that has been applied with a ceramic coating, the paint is better protected because the pores are tightly closed, so there is no opportunity for dirt, dust, and other particles to stick, the result is that the car body is easier to clean.

Car detail services are now easy to find in various big cities. There are so many offers for car care that consumers must carefully choose a professional car repair shop or salon that has the experience and has no track record of disappointing customers. Considering that cars are expensive items, of course, it would be a shame if our cars are handed over to car salons that are still experimenting or don't have the professional staff or who use materials that are not of good quality. Instead of finding our car sleek, paint becomes damaged just because it is tempted by cheap prices. The car salon has been tested in terms of experience and quality of work.

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